portfolio-argyllWe created a site at my digital agency, Marketing Highway, that caught on along with a new restaurant concept – a Scottish gastroPub.

Gastropub? Right, I was stumped too! And, I had to convince the owner to dedicate all of his advertising budget to site delevement along with a digital only launch campaign. We gave the site a cheeky design to go along with its gastro name. I built a CMS that restaurant staff used to update daily specials, added weather themed effects for specials that changed as the weather changed, and integrated online reservations for functionality. The launch campaign included paid and earned media with search engine optimization, online display, social media, and PR.

As virtual traffic grew, so did actual customer counts, proving a direct connection between site traffic and receipts. It worked so well budgets were ramped up for full-on digital marketing: local, paid and organic search, online display, advocacy and customer reviews, a blog and social media, all connecting and sharing, and of course dining and drinking!

Deliverables: Multi-channel integrated marketing: Web, local, mobile, paid and organic search, online display, directory, social media, public relations, sponsored email, blog, advocacy and customer reviews