People I Know Communications

portfolio-pikSometimes, with the best of intentions, a plan just doesn’t succeed.

People I Know, an early social media platform for sharing contact info across all platforms, hired me to develop their Web presence and direct digital marketing. We created the consumer site in record time and launched with a waiting list offer for a free subscription. We were ahead of the product development team, but believed they would deliver in time to convert sign-ups to customers. When they fell behind I inherited product development. We doubled the number of coders. We hired on a QA team. And we let our biz dev team lose to sell advertising.

Sign up metrics were great, but we couldn’t convert to paid subscriptions. Our hearts and minds were in the right place, but the numbers weren’t. I learned that good intentions are not enough to succeed. Not only are they not enough, they are sometimes the very things standing in your way.

people-i-knowDeliverables: corporate ID and naming, qualitative and quantitative research, digital marketing strategy and planning, traditional marketing, multi-channel integrated marketing, Web design, development and maintenance, content development, search marketing (organic and paid), reciprocal linking, lead generation, online advertising, email (sponsored, opt-in, newsletters, database, list development), public relations, social media development and maintenance, staff training, source tracking, measurement and analytics.