Social Media

word-cloud-social-mediaNo magic… no smoke and mirrors, but plenty of buzz. And that’s the way it should be.

Because the public has quickly embraced multiple electronic communications channels and this new media is still the most compelling form of advertising…


Using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others, I’ll do the “heavy lifting” and myclients keep the communications going by generating fresh updates and uploading new topics and insights in a timely way. My clients stay much better connected to their customers and prospects, with a modest out-of-pocket spend. (Read about an example, here.)

As new social patterns emerge, I monitor the digital landscape and bravely guide my clients through the clutter and noise, helping them get to the most cost effective and efficient use of their marketing dollars. I promotes dialogue and real interactivity, fundamentally changing the way clients interact with their customers.

For recent examples (and fresh case studies), please see my Portfolio.