“I work with Steve because he has smart ideas, he gets things done, he makes me look good, and he makes me money. He is one of very few people who has both direct marketing and online marketing down cold. He knows everything from BRE’s to HTML … and a lot more. And he always pushes the ROI. If I was picking my All Star team, Steve would be on it. Call me, and I’ll fill you in.”

– Mr. James Carey
CEO, The Carey Group
Adjunct Professor,Medill School, Northwestern University
JimCarey@northwestern.edu, 847-274-7682

“Some see problems. Steve see’s opportunities! He is an out of the box thinker, yet realistic. He can understand the vision, set the strategy and implement the tactics. Steve has a unique skill set and has a very broad and clear understanding of sales, marketing as well as a technical background to build the supporting environments. Bottom line, Steve not only can help sell / market product but, he can build it too! ”

– Mr. Gary S. LeVee, Area Vice President and General Manager, Jamcracker

“Steve not only understands the business scenario, but he is able to communicate with developers and programmers to help us best do our part and make it all work.”

– Mr. Michael Baraz CTO, Trade Solutions, Inc.

“It’s great collaborating with Steve on the education front. Together we’re establishing the fundamentals of Web marketing for students rooted in the direct marketing discipline.”

– Mr. Robert Galka VP, Acxiom, Inc.